METS Modular Implants

Orthopaedic Oncology Implants

This device is not yet cleared for sale in the USA.

Leading orthopaedic oncology centres around the world recognise Stanmore Implants as an essential partner in their multidisciplinary teams.

oncology implant photoToday we collaborate with surgeons around the world to design and produce both custom and modular implants in orthopaedic oncology and complex primary and revision clinics.

During the last sixty years, Stanmore Implants has gained a depth of experience and expertise from more than 5000 cases.

We have evolved a comprehensive reconstruction system of implant concepts, techniques and services to assist in the treatment of the broadest spectrum of orthopaedic oncology cases. From routine tumour resection to joint sparing and skeletally immature patients, the design team at Stanmore Implants is always ready to provide advice on prostheses for orthopaedic oncology cases.

To assist orthopaedic oncology surgeons we have developed an array of feature options that we can combine for optimum benefit on a case by case basis. The foundation of our service is based on custom and modular implants, and complimentary technologies that can be combined for optimum clinical outcomes.

At Stanmore Implants, we firmly believe in a team approach to the treatment of bone tumours. We see our role not simply as a supplier of implants, but also as a partner in implant design as well as a manufacturing service. Because of our extensive experience working with eminent orthopaedic oncology specialists from around the world we have the expertise to successfully collaborate in enhanced surgical outcomes.

We understand the tight treatment deadlines for those operating in this complex area, and we have highly developed systems to enable rapid development and delivery of implants to customers around the globe. When you incorporate our rapid service into your practice you will understand why Stanmore Implants is more than just a supplier of implants.